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Astronomical Institution of Edinburgh

Calton Hill Observatory in 2012

Calton Hill Observatory in 2012

The Astronomical Institution of Edinburgh was formed in 1811 with three specific aims in mind. The first meeting was held on the 14th of December of that year and Professor Playfair outlined the aims to the meeting. In summary, they were.

The First Department of the Institution was to consist of a Scientific Observatory furnished with the finest instruments that can be procured.

The Second Department was to be a Popular Observatory furnished with instruments capable of blending instruction with amusement.

The Third Department was to be a Physical Cabinet fitted up with meteorological and other instruments, books, globes, etc for the use of the Subscribers at large.

Unless it were proven to be unsuitable for an observatory, the chosen venue for the operation of these aims was to be on Calton Hill, which had already been selected and used for astronomical purposes.

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